Learn More About Illegal Movers

There is an old saying, “You get what you pay for,” and nowhere is this truer than in the moving industry. Hiring a mover is a significant financial investment that also comes with the responsibility of trusting someone with the care of your valued possessions.

The Massachusetts Movers Association maintains a list on this website of the close to 80 qualified movers who have dedicated their businesses to following a code of ethics that provides outstanding service to their customers. They have had thousands of satisfied clients and earned the respect of the community.

Research also through personal recommendations and online searches of reputable companies should allow you to find a mover who is highly rated in reviews, licensed, bonded and meets your price point and fulfills the criteria for your moving needs.

With that said, and with all the expense related to buying or renting a home and the improvements you will make, why go to a website like Craigslist or a small classified ad in a local newspaper to try to save a few dollars? Would you seek a doctor on Craigslist, or a stockbroker in a few line ad in your local community paper? Would you trust someone to replace your roof from a handwritten flyer you see posted to a telephone pole? Movers are also highly skilled specialists in their field. Reputable movers do not have to anonymously advertise on these sites and newspapers to win customers. Anyone with a cell phone can call themselves movers, but are they?

For the most part, a search of the Better Business Bureau database will have none of these movers listed as trustworthy business entities capable of being rated.

While there is no real risk to go on Craigslist to find someone selling a used couch or lamp for your den, hiring untrained, uncertified, uninsured and non-bonded movers can bring you enormous grief as well as potential personal liability.

Not only are these companies unscrupulous when it comes to creating an estimate and sticking to it, but their handling of your prized possessions are compromised. Many of these companies use trucks that are not laid out properly or big enough for moving purposes, and lack the type of dollies, hand trucks, blankets and tape that are crucial to keeping your fragile items from breaking. Their “business” model is formulated on trying to make a quick buck off of you by transporting your belongings as fast and cheaply as possible.

Ask these movers for references and you will usually find that they have none to produce.

Instead of an unmarked truck a reputable mover will appear at your home with a vehicle that is spacious enough to handle your job and detailed with the company’s logo and branding.

If you use Craigslist to hire a mover and have a problem that needs to be rectified you are out of luck. Craigslist and similar services are free ad sites…that is all they do. They take no responsibility for consumer fraud, scams or poor service that might be the outcome of one of these postings.