How to hire your next mover

Many families have used the same trusted companies to facilitate their moves over and over again. Quality service and price have seen many movers initially serve the parents of a family and eventually be trusted to move the kids into their first homes or apartments. When your worldly possessions and treasures are being handled you want people to move you who you can trust.

If you don’t have the luxury of having a valued long time mover to rely upon, there are many resources and tools to scout out the mover who best suits your personality and needs. The Massachusetts Movers Association has close to 80 members that will fit the moving needs of any consumer. Whether you research a MMA mover though this website or do an independent search, there are a few rules of thumb to follow.

In many ways the moving industry has maintained old traditional values. How many services actually come to your home to make a house call? The relationship between mover and consumer is very personal. You want to feel like a friend is moving you and not some distant stranger. The best starting point is to ask friends, relatives and co-workers who they have trusted with a move. Rely on the expertise of your realtor to recommend who they feel will serve you best.

If you do not have the luxury of finding a mover through a personal recommendation you must do your own research. The good news is that with the internet you can literally not only look at numerous movers websites, but can also visit other web locations that offer personal reviews of those companies. In addition, online, you can check scam alerts and the Better Business Bureau for ratings. Do your due diligence and make sure you have done your background research before inviting a mover to offer you an estimate.

Once you have a list of movers who meet your qualifications arrange for a meeting at your home. A quality mover will look over your possessions with a fine tooth comb, examine every nook and cranny in your home and give you an estimate. They will explain how the estimate was created and the different types of contracts they offer.

You should pre vet at least three or four movers and have them over for estimates before making a final choice. Do not feel like you are wasting a mover’s time by letting them know you are exploring a number of companies and options to facilitate your move. This is business as usual in the industry. Movers expect a competitive process to land a job.

Once you have had a visit from the moving companies of your choice, review the estimates. Contact a mover if you have any questions about charges. Use the power of the education you received by talking to multiple companies. You should be in the position, as a result of your knowledge, to have a mover potentially ‘fine tune’ your agreement.
Based on your best judgment, you are now ready to have some fun and await the big day!