Commercial & Office Relocation Tips

If you have every worked for a company that has made a full scale move of equipment and personnel into a new building on your site or a distance away, you know it is a daunting task! It involves intricate planning on the part of both the company and the commercial mover they hire. Some tips can make this transition and move easier for both executives and their employees.

Hire a commercial mover who specializes in office and business relocation. They have the expertise and knowledge to set your staff in the right direction.

  1. Before packing, purge unnecessary supplies, files and obsolete office equipment that you won’t need in your new location.
  1. Moving small plants, deck clocks, pictures and other personal property is generally the responsibility of the employees that own them. Let them have boxes to pack their personal effects.
  1. Each carton should be packed tightly and sealed to prevent damage. In your preplan develop a system for color coding and labeling boxes for their location at the new site.
  1. Remove ink and other liquids from drawers and place them in packing cartons with their caps on tight.
  1. Glassware and breakable objects should be bubble wrapped and packed securely in cartons to prevent breakage.
  1. Small articles such as pencils, pens, scissors, paper clips, erasers, rubber bands, etc. should be placed in sealed envelopes which are then packed in cartons.
  1. To prevent the contents of a desk or cabinet from becoming disarranged, remove all the contents and place them cartons.
  1. Lock drawers if possible to keep them secure.
  1. Glass desk tops, desk pads and chair mats should bear the same identification label as the desks to which they belong.
  1. Special attention must be given to file cabinets, sectional bookcases and any furniture that comes in sections. Each section should be marked as a part of a larger set.
  1. Your IT department should work closely with the commercial mover to assure that all computer equipment is moved appropriately.

The MMA has numerous members who are specialist in commercial moving. The can offer you a quote and special instructions on how to facilitate a commercial relocation.