When looking to make a move it is prudent that you get at least three quotes from reputable movers before you make your final decision. Unfortunately many consumers base their pick solely on the low ball quote they received.

The Massachusetts Movers Association members will provide you with honest quotes and take the time to explain each charge and its justification before asking you to sign a contract.

While it is tempting to seek the lowest quote that philosophy might have you end up paying more in the long run. Here are some warning signs of the problem of accepting the lowest bid.

Did Your Moving Quote Include Extras?

It’s easy to get a collection of free inexpensive moving quotes online or by calling companies whose rates look cheap, but these telephone or online moving quotes may not factor in extra time spent loading and unloading, specific distances or other factors in your move. Many of these quotes are generic, designed to pull in customers. If you accept these quotes, especially with no onsite visit from the moving company, expect to experience rate hikes on moving day. When you review moving quotes that look great, follow up with a phone call and make sure that they included the whole package.

Low Moving Quotes: Poor equipment and poor pay for the workers

In many situations, lower moving quotes can mean you’re dealing with a company that doesn’t have adequate resources at their disposal. Trucks and tools may be obsolete, and labor, or day laborers, may be paid less than minimum wage. This doesn’t bode well for your move. Do a little research and find out what human and mechanical resources you get for your investment from the quoted company.

Local Low Moving Estimates

In some cases, when you’re dealing with smaller companies, an extremely low moving quote can mean that these movers literally have no idea what they’re doing. Moving companies that are members of the Massachusetts Movers Association price competitively, but quotes that are far off from the norm can indicate that someone who may just be moonlighting in the moving industry and not have the experience to take you possessions safely to where they need to go. Again, some thorough research will show whether a low moving quote is a great bargain or a sign of danger.

Why get radically low ball quotes that seem suspicious when you know that MMA members come from traditions of quality and excellence are fully bonded and insured, and will go the extra yard to assure that you are 100% satisfied?

Trust Massachusetts Movers Association members for your next move.