Years ago leaving your home for another town in your state was the buzz of the neighborhood. Today moving cross country is commonplace. Thousands of interstate moves are conducted each day. The Massachusetts Movers Association has many members who specialize in long distance moving.

While many of the fundamentals of moving are standard, whether you are resettling down the block or to the opposite coast, some special tips are needed when you go for the long haul.


A long distance move involves careful logistics on the part of the moving company. How to make it from point A to point B within the customers time frame, the utilization of manpower who might need to be on the road for several days, fuel, the care and maintenance of the equipment being used and the assurance of following interstate rules and regulations.

A consumer must understand these variables when they request a quote form a moving company. Members of the MMA will give you an honest, well thought out and realistic estimate of your costs.

Your moving company expenses will likely be the biggest single cost other than the acquisition of your new home or apartment. Estimates from at least three companies will give you a good sense of a reasonable price for your needs.

Make the company aware during their walkthrough for your estimate of any items that need special care like valuable antique furniture. Thousands of miles of travel could bring wear and tear if these items are not packed and loaded properly. Your mover, if trusted and knowledgeable, once aware, will know exactly how to treat these prized belongings.


  1. Your possessions will be on the road for a long time. Make sure that everything you pack is well cushioned inside the box. Try to assure that each box is filled to the top and that nothing inside is loose. Use professional moving boxes to assure that they do not tear or open up during the trip.
  1. It is a wise investment to purchase insurance for a long distance move. When you ship your belongings for a trip that could be tenfold the distance of a local move, things can happen. Protect yourself.
  1. Make sure your mattress is boxed. A long trip can bend your mattress out of shape or damage it. The mattress can also get tarnished or dirtied if not boxed.
  1. Don’t pack any foods or liquids! Even no-perishable foods can get crushed or tarnished. Food on a long journey can attract bugs or vermin. There is no need to have food aboard for the move. Plan in advance, shop less before your move, and use the food stocks already stored in your home until they run out.
  1. Make sure you understand the moving company’s delivery window. It is common sense to realize that if you are moving from California to Massachusetts the company cannot pinpoint to the second when they will arrive. There can be an understandable lag. You will probably arrive before your possessions. Make sure you have changes of clothing, toiletries, basic kitchen utensils and towels.