American Moving & Installation (February 2018)

Job Title:

Full Time Commercial Moving Dispatcher/Warehouse Manager/Project Manager


· Perform all tasks necessary for successful implementation of commercial moves

· Create and accomplish all processes necessary for commercial moving warehouse protocol

Job Description:

· Operation of commercial moves in the Greater Boston Area.

· Formulate union schedules/manpower assignments/equipment status for commercial moving services.

· Request COI’s as needed.

· Ensure that all materials and product needed for the coming week are in stock. Order any materials necessary for successful implementation of jobs.

· Schedule pre-move union manpower requirements for loading trucks, etc.

· Ability to dispatch crews/vehicles/equipment.

· Maintain inventories of all equipment, materials, labels, and any other products used in the daily performance of commercial moves.

· Maintain crate in-out procedures, manage crate cleaning process.

· Create and maintain a current inventory of all client’s property in storage. Initiate numbering system for all product in storage and assign to specific customers.

· Provide the accounting department with monthly summary of all product in/out storage by bay to facilitate monthly storage invoicing.

· Organize and maintain RMV regulations, DOT physicals, driver folders, and track records of Federal Motor Carrier Regulations for safety audits.

· Schedule services for the trucks and maintain mileage records.

· Create safety policies and procedures for mover and driver trainings.

· Create protocol within the department, submit information for job scheduling, bill of lading creation, and follow up with requirements and change of notices.

· Communicate with all customers regarding scheduled and unscheduled moves, move changes, etc. and be able to facilitate communication between warehouse and dispatch operations with salespeople.

· Create and submit quotes as necessary.

Qualifications and Skills:

· Minimum of five years of warehouse and dispatch experience required.

· High School graduate or equivalent GED required.

· Must be certified to operate a forklift.


· Paid Vacation

· Sick time

· 401k plan

Applicants can email Kathleen Rowell at

22 Reservoir Park Drive, Unit 3•Rockland, MA 02370•Office: 781.878.8000