If you are moving locally be prepared for a long day! You will be in your old residence at daybreak and your new home by nightfall. The Massachusetts Movers Association offers you these tips if you are resettling locally.

  1. Since you are probably going to be tired after a day full of excitement and anticipation you possibly will not want to unpack until the next day. Bring an overnight bag with you that contains a change of clothes, your toiletries, laptop and phone chargers.
  1. Keep the essentials you will immediately need in a clear plastic container. This will make it easy to identify among a sea of cardboard boxes. This should be the first items you head for before you unpack. The container can include things such as a box cutter, paper towels, garbage bags, a simple tool kit, a power strip and some select cookware and utensils.
  1. Plan on bringing with you some items to get the bathroom in order. You might want to get the ball rolling the first night by making sure your bathroom is stocked with soap, shampoo, plenty of towels and toilet paper. You will probably want to take a show after a long day of transition.

Nothing beats getting up the next morning and having a smooth transition when you start to unpack. Nothing is worse than not remembering what is in what box, not carefully packing or labeling your fragile items and facing breakage or not remembering how to put your electronics back together.

These tips will make unpacking day a breeze and accident free.

  1. It’s all about preplanning. By taking the time to figure out a “blueprint” for your move you should be able to find everything easily.
  1. Since you have to pack clothing, why not take it a step further by using some of those garments to wrap breakables such as plates and glassware. It will save on bubble wrap!
  1. Another great way to pack glassware is to put them in socks.
  1. When you are packing powder cosmetics, to keep from breaking the plastic holding containers, grab some cotton balls and place them inside.
  1. Nothing is worse than liquid spills from toiletries. You can take saran wrap to cover the openings and then place the caps back on over them.
  1. Setting up the electronics you disassembled at your own home can be a very difficult task, or made extremely simple by taking a smartphone photo of how everything looked before you took it apart.
  1. Keep sandwich bags handy to hold small parts from things that you took apart such as electronics, picture hangers, curtain rod mountings etc. Label the sandwich bags and keep them in a marked box.

Speaking of boxes, once everything is packed properly it is time to get your boxes ready to ship. Let’s look at some box strategies.

  1. You can cut down on cardboard boxes by filling all of your baskets, hampers, suitcases and laundry bins.
  1. Number each box. When you are done unpacking you will know if any boxes are unaccounted for.
  1. In addition to numbering, label what’s in each box and what room it will be going into in your new home.

Happy local moving from the MMA!